Yuki Anai is a Japanese light artist working with sound, lighting, sensing technology. He was born in Oita, Japan, 1987. Completed Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University. He was worked at teamLab for seven years, built up art and product team. After graduated he started own company, installed lighting at NIKKO TOSHOGU shrine.

His artworks are inspired by nature. For example, "Light River" is represents traffic of people by lighting looks like a river. “In The Rain” is rebuild potential of rain, and it works as communication media of us.

He also got many prizes of award: "Ah" got a Grand Prize of Asia Digital Award 2012, "ChAir" got Best Award of Smart Illumination Award 2012, etc.



"I couldn't understand that someone feel beautiful. So that in my artwork, I would like to make a satisfactory works. so purely." This is a fundamental emotion of my creative activities.

All phenomenons are rebuild by my filter, represent the basis of a beautiful, it might be change a user's sense of beauty.

About the representation method is often use a lighting. but not only just like a digital light, it is build by original algorithm that make a nature phenomenon lighting. He think simplify lighting is important, that make a scene, it will be touch your heart.